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Thursday, 29 December 2011

RAN ONLINE PH [ Quest For Accessories ]

Level Reward                    Quest Name              From - Quest/Target
27?   Aruhagen Ring Lv30        Constr. Sup's Request   CS - Find Tech Teacher
39?   Dark Ring Lv30            Unverified Currency...  PT - Talk to SDs
39?   Azrael Rosary Lv30        Recycling the Map       PT - 7 map pieces Clown
63    Dark Ring Lv30            Special Agent's Test    SA - 20 SGD
63    Vanish Ring Lv80          Investigate Leonair...  Agent - 5 leaves Smallpox
86    Soul Recall Rosa Lv80[+1] Finding the Warehouse.. Cleaner [TH] - Halogen
86    Jade Ring Lv80            Finding the Warehouse.. Cleaner [TH] - Halogen
??    LoHan Rosary Lv80         Returning the Trash     Cleaner [TH] - Wrestler
??    Vanish Ring Lv80          Returning the Trash     Cleaner [TH] - Wrestler
101   Soul Rosary Lv80[+2]      Confiscating the Golf.. Cleaner [TH] - Golf Bomber
101   Silver Ring Lv80          Confiscating the Golf.. Cleaner [TH] - Golf Bomber
112   Darkish Necklace Lv120    Water Quality Check     Folk - follow orders
112   Bone Rosary Lv120         Repairing the Generator Folk - follow orders
117   Lohan Rosary Lv120        Investigate the Build.. Po [Wharf] - searching
120   Jade Ring Lv120           The "Green" Secret Fo.. Po [Wharf] - IT/VB/VG
125   Silver Ring Lv120         The 2nd Floor of the... Po [Wharf] - DR/VB/VG/N(M)
130   Soul Rosary Lv120         Unlock Security Device  Warden - R/B Ninja, Parak
130   Ring Box                  Request of the Police   Police [TH] - find Soul
132   Spatial Rosary Lv120[+7]  The Final Test          AngBeeLan - 15 Baldies
132   Aruhagen Ring Lv120[+4]   The 3rd Floor of the... Po [Wharf] - N{M}/SH/SG/BG
140   Space Ring Lv120[+6]      Look for the Backpack.. Nurse [MH] - Nyebeng Lobo
140   Bone Rosary Lv120[+4]     Check if the Weapon ... WSO - follow orders
140   Azrael Rosary Lv120[+4]   Collect Back Confid...  Po [TH] - Panday Taba
162   Soul Ring Lv120[+6]
177   Vanish Ring Lv120[+4]     Pass the Weather Info   [auto] - Talk to RH Police


[ Spiritual Sphere ]  [ Req. Char. LVL ]                    [ Quest Name ]                         [ From ]
          5                               47                             Physics Teacher Test             Physics Teacher
          6                               57                              Nurse Request 2                             Nurse
          7                               67                             Eliminate the jackson             Physics Teacher

          8                               77                             Recycling the map                 Physics Teacher

          9                               87                    Investigate the leonaire campus           Special Agent

          9                               87                              The zopar's request                       Zopar

         10                              97                             Cleaning the spores                   Student Director

         11                             107                             The stolen book  5                   Master Zheng

         12                             117                             Resident's Request                    Cleaner [TH]

         13                             127                            Finding the scriptural                 Suspicious Folk

         14                             147                           Collecting the items                         Warden

         15                             157                              Collect a bead II                 Weapon shop owner

         16                             167                            Collecting sphere III                      RH Police

  Mesil sphere                     175                      Finding research document                  Monisha

         21                             197                                                                             Carl Sheldon


The Shaman Class / Qi Gong

    Shamans are intermediaries or messenger between the natural world and spirit worlds. They can trait ailments / illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul / spirit enables the physical body to undergo balance and wholeness.


The Gunner Class

   Gunner class is the latest character that is released in game. By using guns as their main weapon, Gunner have the unique ability to debuff a player, summon a powerful mobs to assist them, or even paralyze an enemy  making them unable to use potions.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


The Magic Gladiator

        One of the ZhyperMU characters which uses magics to kill his enemies. It uses elements such as thunder, fire, wind. It also uses evil spirits to kill and defend his self from a large amount of mobs. In times of duel or PK, it uses his poisons to destroy the defense of his enemy, and then use his power slash skills which gives a high damage on his enemy.
       This character also called Duel Master.